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Mother Earth – Bath Bomb


(1 customer review)

The first time we smelled this bath bomb, we knew we had to call it Mother Earth.

With sweet and earthy notes, this Bath Bomb includes Beetroot powder and marigold petals, which also give it its beautiful purple tones. Mixed with Kaolin clay, oats and ground herbs, this bath bomb will make you feel connected to nature in every bath.


Handmade with love in Vancouver, BC using 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients to reduce packaging and unnecessary waste.

-Epsom Salts
-Organic Rolled Oats*
-Kaolin Clay
– Calendula* infused Organic Avocado oil*
-Chamomile Water
-Ground Marigold Petals*
-Beetroot Powder
-Dried Marigold Petals*
-Juniper Berry Essential Oil
-Citric Acid
-Baking Soda

*Organic Ingredients

Additional information

Weight 70 g

100mg, Not Infused

1 review for Mother Earth – Bath Bomb

  1. Estefania

    I looooved it! It turned the water in my bath a beautiful pink colour that made me feel like a princess! The scent is really sweet and earthy and my skin felt really smooth and hydrated after using it. I could really feel the positive effects of the oats and organic avocado oil in my skin.

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